FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

You will see below common questions and the relevant answers to them. We hope this will prove of assistance to both those thinking of joining, as well as new and established members
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Can I come and view a class?
Yes you come and view a class. It is something we welcome, especially for those who are considering joining.

If you bring your dog please make sure it is up do date with vaccinations to protect both it and other dogs

How can I get a membership application form?
You can come along to a class and collect one or more simply download one from the PDF downloads page. You can fill in each section using your computer then print it for signing. When completed you can return you application form in person or by post.

You will also need to supply a copy of your dogs current vaccinations before you can start any classes.

How much does membership cost and does it include classes?
Membership costs £15.00 per year excluding classes

Obedience/Agility classes are charged at £5.00 per class payable on attendance.

Puppy classes are charged at £2.50 per class payable on attendance.

Ring Craft classes are £2.50 per class payable on attendance

Do you use check chains?
The use of check chains is currently down to individual owners, although the trainers would encourage the use of other control methods.
This is because check chains when used wrong can cause injury to a dog.

Will I need a training lead?
A long lead is advisable, not the reel type though. We sell long leads suitable for training, and which are also suitable for walking, at a modest price

Suitable Dog Training Lead

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