Puppy Socialisation Oxford Dog Training Society

Puppy Socialisation Oxford Dog Training Society

This Class is held on Wednesday evenings from 6.30 – 7.30pm and is a fun relaxed class where your puppy gets to meet other puppies in a safe, secure location.

It is important that puppies are socialised from the earliest possible age with handling by both the owner and others. This builds tolerance which as your dog grows is important. Your dog will come into contact with other humans so learning these skills early is vital so as to encourage the best possible practices. You want your dog to feel at ease being handled by vets, groomer etc in future.

Everything is new to a puppy and they are eager to explore, dogs learn from all experiences but the most positive and the fastest way is from good ones.

For guardian breeds it can be difficult to socialise them when grown as they are naturally wary of other dogs and also humans. Their job is to guard and protect so being social can be at odds with this task. Learning to socialise as a puppy makes all the difference, as it will help with interactions between both humans and other dogs.

We encourage good behaviour through praise and teach you the owner how to teach your puppy the basics using voice and hand commands with the aid of vocal encouragement.

Once your puppy has mastered this class you can move onto the obedience class to build on the skills learnt.