Oxford Dog Training Society Video Selections

Welcome to our video selections. We have selected them as they show a wide range of dog skills and we hope they will not only provide enjoyment but make you think about what YOUR dog could achieve.
If YOU have a favourite video you would like to see included here in the Oxford Dog Training Society Video Selections let us know. We cannot promise it will make the page but we will look at each request carefully and select the best.

We will create a form for you to use to submit video ideas so make sure to visit regular as it will be active soon.

Rescue Dog Agility Crufts 2015
Agility can be fun for dogs no matter what the background. Many dogs find themselves in sanctuary's and rescue centres. This video shows such dogs competing in agility trials.
We hope you enjoy this video of Rescue Dogs Agility from Crufts 2015.
Obedience Winners Crufts 2015
For those who are thinking of taking their dogs to obedience classes, this shows what can be achieved.
Freestyle Heelwork To Music Pt1 Crufts 2016
This is just one of the most engaging events to watch. It is fun and different, and watching owners and dogs you can just see how much fun they have. Heelwork can be fun.
Freestyle Heelwork To Music Pt2 Crufts 2016
The conclusion of the Crufts 2016 Freestyle Heelwork To Music.
We hope you enjoy part 2 as much as part 1
Rescue Dog Agility Crufts 2016
Rescue centres give dogs a chance at a better life. These dogs are from rescue centres around the UK and show what can be achieved.
Flyball Team Finals Crufts 2016
This is so much fun. Sprint relay dog style. You can see how eager the dogs are to take part.